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MUBS staff visit the source of the Nile.

MUBS staff visit the source of the Nile.

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The staff undergoing eLearning took off time to visit the source of the Nile. Interesting that many people have never been there including those born in the area. Some of the amazing things in life is to see a river flow for thousands of years. It tells you about the power from the good lord. Where this water comes from, nobody can fathom. True science has attempted to have explanations for this but it is not an easy thing. But we take it for granted when we see this water flowing out every day making its 4000 mile long journey to the Mediterranean. To ensure that this water continues to flow, the Egyptians have some offices at the source of the Nile. The staff enjoyed their ride and relaxed from the hard work they had been doing.

"Picked from the Principal's (Prof. waswa Balunywa) Facebook

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