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Good Luck in your Exams

by eLearning Centre -
From all of us at the Centre, we would wish to welcome your back from Short break.

As you prepare to do your exams may God give you a good understanding and clear memory to help you pass your exams. Do not fear or be anxious, the exam is just a test that confirms a small percentage of what you know. Do your best and you will definitely pass. 

Please note that during this period, only fully registered students shall be able to access the platform.

Good luck & success in all your exams

eLearning Centre Team

Authenticating and Attending a Live Class

by eLearning Centre -

You are required to authenticate into Zoom to attend a MUBS Live class

To attend a class

1- Sign into Zoom

2- Navigate to your class and click on live class icon

3- Click on join from the list of sessions

4- When prompted to (authenticate/Sign) sign in with your student email i.e. (studnetsnumber@mubs.ac.ug)

If you have challenges finding your student email contact the MIS department on email: mis@mubs.ac.ug

if you have challenges logging to MUBSEP contact the eLearning Centre on elearning@mubs.ac.ug

You can watch a demonstration tutorial to guide you through the authentication process:

MUBS Podcast

by eLearning Centre -


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