Topic outline

  • General

  • General information about the course

  • Topic 1: Introduction and Overview -Concepts of Negotiation and Contracting

  • Topic 2: The Procurement Negotiation and Contracting Processes

  • Topic 3: Support Tools for Negotiation and Contracting

  • Topic 4: Factors that affect negotiation

  • Topic 5: Personal attributes and behaviours for effective procurement negotiation and contracting

  • Topic 6: Evaluation of procurement negotiations

    • The SawaSawa Inc. Case. Students are encouraged to read this case, analyzing critical content issues. In particular, upon completing reading the case, students should attempt to generate responses to the questions that are included at the end the case. Students are required to prepare and present their thought responses in class (in form of a lecture). The lead facilitator should ensure that students are provided with sufficient guidance in analyzing the case. 

  • Topic 7: Negotiation in an international context

  • Topic 8: Online negotiation versus telephone negotiation

  • Course review and evaluation

  • Assessments

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  • End of Semester Examination