Below are provisional results for year 2 for Academic Year 2019 / 2020 Semester 1

Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez les bases du français des affaires. Bienvenue !
Until the early 1980’s, most managers thought about manufacturing in terms of a paradigm whose roots went back over 100 years and whose emphasis was on mass markets, standard designs and mass production using interchangeable parts. However, with rapid evolution of worldwide competition and the pace of technological development, increasing pressures has been placed in companies and industries to change. Goods, people and information all move across the world with greater speed and frequently than ever before. Organizations of all kinds now rarely conduct all aspects of their business within the confines of their won national borders.

International Business Transactions Law revolves around the law relating to the buying and selling of goods internationally. Whereas the law covered in year one principally revolved around buying and selling of goods locally, this course unit deals with international business purchases and transactions. The law governing the same.

International Business Transactions deals with international trade transactions. That is, it relates to the selling of goods across international borders. It covers the types of contracts that buyers and sellers may enter into e.g. CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) contracts and FOB (Free on Board) contracts or any other contracts that may be agreed upon by the parties. It also deals with the terms and obligations of the contracts and others related to them. It also deals with important documents such as Bills of lading, insurance policies, and freight documents