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Human Resource Forecasting is an important 

Dear MHRM Year One Class - Labor Law Class

Welcome to Semester Two, Academic Year 2020/221. Please find attached here with the following
1. Final Online Teaching Time Table
2. Letter on Commencement of Teaching
3. Labor Law Course Outline
4. Relevant Acts of Parliament
5. Presentation Questions
6. Some guiding Revision Materials

We shall be conducting all lectures by way of presentations. Please divide your selves into groups and allocate all questions amongst the groups. The class representatives should take charge of this.

Presentations will attract marks, thus every member is expected to be active in the discussion. I shall similarly play a very active role.

This Semester we shall not be having students from MUBS-ARUA Campus. So we shall basically comprise MUBS Main and Jinja  - one (1) student)

Best wishes,

Waliya Gwokyalya